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 GREATWOLFVLADMIR (Introduce of StarWolves)

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PostSubject: GREATWOLFVLADMIR (Introduce of StarWolves)   Thu Jul 21, 2011 5:34 am


Greatings noble warriors of Fusion Alliance
Im GreatWolfVladimir Leader of StarWolves ADEPTUS ASTARTES
For introduce of myself and whole alliance, you can see
StarWolves main alliance page, and entrance into WOLFs FANG.
(ours main stronghold and alliance web page)

StarWolves EMBASY Hall:
(Rest of Great Halls are restricted area only for StarWolves)

StarWolves aliance page:

Im glad to have open diplomatic talks with you,
and that Im now on short visit of your keep.

As I see you have nice pages, but true is that EMBASSY is still missing,
so asking for full entrance into your alliance page
was only one possibly options for me to can write this message.
Good can be have free hall for any diplomatic talks
with another alliances... without important loging into your stronghold.

By wishes of many StarWolves, i come now into your Throne Hall,
for open channels between our alliances, for this diplomatic talks
and for possibly cooperation in future.

Ours path was acros battlefield of pathetic and unnecessary war.
That WAR was between StarWolves and -X-es.
In that war, many of good players fall into darkness of graves.
All that battle is visible in StarWolves Embassy.

Few days after we end that war, as you know... somebody try to
declare war between us.
We have one possibly person... who must be now very ANGRY
and he try to revenge from beyond the grave.
His name was RELENTLESS (known to as Obieone2, Pestilence... and more)
He is now BANNED forever by extremly heavy insults,
and breaking many of Game rules.
I ask on one information... do you know this "weird player"???
Do you have some bad isues with him in past???

We just try to found reasons why somebody try to declare war between us.

With deepest respect
Leader of StarWolves
Planetary system FENRIS
main stronghold - The WOLFs FANG
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PostSubject: Re: GREATWOLFVLADMIR (Introduce of StarWolves)   Fri Aug 12, 2011 5:08 pm

Hi I recently applied to fusion and am waitin a reponse. I have been playing for 1.5 years and have been in 2 other alliances. I am currently ranked 500
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GREATWOLFVLADMIR (Introduce of StarWolves)
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