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 Leaving the Alliance.

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PostSubject: Leaving the Alliance.   Mon Mar 29, 2010 10:06 pm

To all the T.I. membership,

I think I will pass on staying with this alliance ... I have been invited into a small group that I might actually be of use.
It will be kind of fun to help a small bunch build their worlds into a workable system.
Not that I am any wonder boy, but it feels good to know that maybe I am needed by someone... ya know what I mean??
So I do thank you for the offer to stay, but this gives me a goal instead of just being a cog in a really big wheel.
When you are in a room of 10, they can hear you whisper, when you are in a room of 80, they can't even hear you scream.

Should my new alliance ever go to war with T.I. I wll not partisipate un-less I am personaly attact by some in the TI.
I think you guys are a pretty good group and I hope you well and wish you good luck with your own personal endeavors .
May your moons always shine... :-)

Thanks again... :-)
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Leaving the Alliance.
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